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Glass Fibre Ski Poles

Carbon Fibre Bow Stabilisers

Glass Fibre Polo Shafts Carbon Fibre Paddle Shaft

We offer the most innovative composite designs linked to the finest customer support in any sporting application.  The use of composite materials has significantly improved the performance of many sport and leisure activities.  At Tri-Cast, our principles in this industry are the same; which enable you to maximize the power, control and sensitivity, in order to give you that all-important winning edge.



  • Fishing Rods

  • Ski Poles

  • Golf Shafts

  • Polo Shafts

  • Archery

  • Hockey

  • Canoe Paddles

  • Cycle Parts

  • Kite Tubes

  • Model Car, Plane & Boat Tubes

  • Audio Equipment

  • Carbon Fibre

  • Aramid

  • Hybrids

  • E & S Glass

  • Braiding

  • Tape Winding


Carbon Fibre

Suspension Forks


Carbon Fibre

Polo Shaft


Carbon Fibre

Fishing Poles


Strategic advantages with Tri-Cast

Constant fibre / Resin ratios

High performance properties

Competitive design edge

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