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Carbon Fibre Components Used on Most Racing Yachts

Carbon Fibre Drive Shafts

Carbon Fibre Spinnaker Pole

Glass fibre reinforced composite materials are used widely in this industry, however the introduction of Aramid and carbon fibre has given engineers the freedom to design structures for optimum performance. 

Our involvement with America’s Cup and Round the World Racing Yachts are only two areas that we have demonstrated the importance of composite structural parts, as well as the necessary reliability in this industry.  Our designs have contributed to the teams' success, by the careful selection and introduction of the composite material, to maximize the overall performance of the product.




  • Drive Shafts

  • Winches

  • Spinnaker Poles

  • Booms

  • Spacer Tubes

  • Bunk Tubes

  • Tiller Extensions

  • Rudder Post

  • Carbon Fibre

  • Aramid

  • Hybrids

  • E and S Glass

  • Braiding

Chrome Plated

 Carbon Fibre Winch

Strategic advantages with Tri-Cast

Constant fibre / Resin ratios

High performance properties

Competitive design edge

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