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Various Sizes & Diameters Currently Available

High performance composite components designed and manufactured by Tri-Cast can be engineered for specialized applications because they feature High Strength and lightweight materials, offering good vibration damping and low coefficient of thermal expansion.  These materials inherently reduce fatigue and offer design and fabrication flexibility. In addition composites are able to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as being resistant to corrosion and wear.  At Tri-Cast, we offer tailored fiber types and orientation to maximize the structural, or performance requirement of the application.

Carbon Fibre 

Air Bottle

Carbon Fibre

Square / Rectangular Tubes

Carbon / 




We are able to manufacture in various shapes, including cylindrical, square, rectangular, and oval, in diameters from 2mm to a maximum of 350mm and up to an overall continuous length of 4 metres.  Sizes outside these can be discussed with our design engineers.

To ensure we can always offer a prompt service, we carry a permanent stock of Pan and Pitch based materials in high strength and intermediate, high and ultra high modulus fibers, as well as a selection of Glass and Aramid fibers.

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